Scientia Legis was formed in 2007 by the law firms “Tsichrintzis & Associates” headed by Dr. Angelos K. Tsichrintzis, and “Margaropoulos & Associates” headed by Nikolaos K. Margaropoulos, in their effort to develop a nationwide coverage and secure consistent quality services to our clients all over Greece.

Initially established in Athens in 1953, the law firm “Tsichrintzis & Associates” has pursued the evolution of its legal services according to international law firm standards, aiming to respond always to current requirements for legal consulting and litigation services.

In 2007, we joined forces with one of the most distinguished offices in Thessaloniki, “Margaropoulos & Associates”, coincidently also established in 1953. Together, we have formed the Scientia Legis Group.

Scientia Legis engages in a full range of corporate representation and civil litigation with concentrations in corporate, business transactional, taxation, real estate, information technology, commercial, banking and financial law.

Building from our positions in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, and in our effort to extend the support to our clientele beyond Greek borders, we have expanded the Scientia Legis Group through affiliations with highly accredited local firms in neighboring countries, and now the Scientia Legis Group provides its services also in Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia and Cyprus.

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